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"Wow! It had been about 4 years since I had purchased any Juice. I've experienced a revival."

Curtis Goldsborough - Ambassador Baptist Church

"12-year DJ customer: I'm totally bowled over by the New Digital Juice! They're continually rolling out new products."

Melanie Forester - UnGap Ministries

"Digital Juice has redefined the term 'Class Act'. Thanks very much!!!"

Eric Hilding - Hilding Communications

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Ray Salyer - Gottch-Ya! Graphix, USA and New Gear Media

"Do you have any idea how this will revolutionize my business? How much money it will make me?"

Maurice Evans - iGROWyourBiz, Inc

"Cheers to DJ! Your new method of distributing your high-quality products is outstanding."

Neil A. Schneider - www.sonoranstudios.com

"I have been a Founding Member from the beginning and all I can say is the new Digital Juice is well worth the cost."

David Dankanyin - Pandemic Haunt Production LLC

"It's already awesome... can't imagine what it will be in a few months, but triple awesome comes to my mind..."

Jill Johnson - J&R Forever Slideshows

"Still not comprehending such quality products at this price, but bless you. Benefit outweighs cost by far."

Achille Roland Kpokou - Karoland

"Treasure Trove! If you are on the fence, take my word, the new Juicer is phenomenal."

Cassandra Bessire - Abbarazzi Media Productions

"...prepare to be AMAZED! Literally thousands of items only available in the new store!"

Anita V. Moore - New Media DVD

Do you consider yourself an early adopter and maybe a bit of a visionary? Do you see the value in new technologies and business paradigms ahead of other people?

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The all new Juicer

The brand new Digital Juice Store is accessible directly from our completely redesigned Juicer application for your desktop, iPad, iPhone & Android. Simply search, browse and buy. Click on the cloud icon and the Juicer automatically downloads and converts your content into the format you need.

The iPhone, iPad & Android Juicer apps allow you to view your library in the field or at a client location. You can also browse the store and automatically send content to be downloaded on your desktop computer.

We are your Creative Team

Creating and selling great, professional royalty-free content at unbeatable prices has always been, and will remain, the hallmark of Digital Juice. Our products are in use in nearly every major studio, broadcast, and cable station. Our creative teams are releasing fresh animations, new music, cutting-edge graphics, time-saving projects, full color fonts - and a lot more... EVERY DAY.

See what our members are saying!

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