The all-new,
Digital Juice

Begins Wednesday
October 8th @ Noon EDT

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"Wow! It had been about 4 years since I had purchased any Juice. I've experienced a revival."

Curtis Goldsborough - Ambassador Baptist Church

"12-year DJ customer: I'm totally bowled over by the New Digital Juice! They're continually rolling out new products."

Melanie Forester - UnGap Ministries

"Digital Juice has redefined the term 'Class Act'. Thanks very much!!!"

Eric Hilding - Hilding Communications

"...hyper excited! I'm launching a new digital agency. This will be perfect for our clients!"

Ray Salyer - Gottch-Ya! Graphix, USA and New Gear Media

"Do you have any idea how this will revolutionize my business? How much money it will make me?"

Maurice Evans - iGROWyourBiz, Inc

"Cheers to DJ! Your new method of distributing your high-quality products is outstanding."

Neil A. Schneider -

"...every day I think, 'What should I pick up free today?' Having a blast with Digital Juice!"

Melanie Forester - UnGap Ministries

"I have been a Founding Member from the beginning and all I can say is the new Digital Juice is well worth the cost."

David Dankanyin - Pandemic Haunt Production LLC

"You can get a whole education just watching their product demos."

Melanie Forester - UnGap Ministries

"Juicer access to TONS of content has already yielded some very awesome stuff for project needs."

Eric Hilding - Hilding Communications

"It's already awesome... can't imagine what it will be in a few months, but triple awesome comes to my mind..."

Jill Johnson - J&R Forever Slideshows

"Still not comprehending such quality products at this price, but bless you. Benefit outweighs cost by far."

Achille Roland Kpokou - Karoland

"Treasure Trove! If you are on the fence, take my word, the new Juicer is phenomenal."

Cassandra Bessire - Abbarazzi Media Productions

"...prepare to be AMAZED! Literally thousands of items only available in the new store!"

Anita V. Moore - New Media DVD