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Creating An Energy Shield With Drag & Drop

Advanced Training in After Effects with GlitchFX and Reflective Thoughts

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Hosted ByMatthew PerksMotion Graphics Artist

In this tutorial, AE expert Matthew Perks takes you through the steps in creating a futuristic energy shield effect in After Effects using several clips from Digital Juice's Drag & Drop GlitchFX and Reflective Thoughts volumes. His step-by-step explanation covers a variety of advanced tips and techniques for working efficiently in After Effects, including showing you how to track a section of footage in 3D, use the raytraced 3D render engine to bend your energy shield in 3D, distort your footage using a displacement map and use built-in AE tools to create a series of laser gun strikes -- as well as explaining the best way to color correct and tint all elements so that you can create a believable effect.

  • Release Date: October 2, 2013
  • Video Type: Screen Capture Training
  • Category: Compositing, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics
  • Software Used: Adobe After Effects
  • Skill Level: Advanced

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