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Using Matte Magic with Sony Vegas

Basic Training in Sony Vegas

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Hosted ByKevin P McAuliffeSenior Editor, MIJO, Toronto, Canada

One of the most powerful features in any editing application is the black and white matte. It gives you the power to mask or cut out areas of your video, so that you can mix and merge it with other clips, animations or even just with black. The Digital Juice Matte Magic downloadable product line is an exciting new library of clip-based black and white matte animations that take the drudgery out of the creative process. Simply by adding any of these mattes on top of your footage with the appropriate luminance matte setting, you can raise the production value of a project instantly. In this tutorial, Kevin P McAuliffe shows you the basics of how to work with Matte Magic animated mattes inside of Sony Vegas. He takes a look at the different kinds of mattes included in this collection, explaining each one's unique creative uses. He also describes how to import the animated clips from their installed folder, how to place them on top of your footage in the timeline and mix them with your footage for the desired effect using a combination of Sony Mask Generator Track FX, Compositing Child and Track Motion Source Alpha settings.

  • Release Date: October 23, 2013
  • Video Type: Getting Started, Screen Capture TrainingScreen Capture Training
  • Category: Compositing, Editing, Motion Graphics
  • Software Used: Sony Vegas
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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