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Creating A Reflective 3D Logo in After Effects

Advanced training in After Effects using Drag & Drop Light Leaks, Bokeh & Light Sweeps

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Hosted ByChris KapteinMotion Graphics Artist,

In this tutorial AE expert Chris Kaptein shows you how to create an attractive reflective 3D logo animation using the built in tools in After Effects, along with several lighting effects clips from the Digital Juice Drag & Drop Light Leaks, Bokeh and Light Sweeps volumes. Taking a simple flat vector logo, he shows you how to set up your project in AE, extruding the logo and adding several 3d camera moves, to get a logo reveal with style, impact and shine. He uses a Drag & Drop Bokeh effect as the primary background for the logo animation and then a second Bokeh clip as an environment layer to provide the animated reflections on the logo surface. He also overlays several Light Leaks effects to provide additional depth, shimmer and shine on both the logo and background, and he adds transitions between logo moves with several Drag & Drop Light Sweeps. Check out this tutorial for some invaluable tips and tricks for working efficiently and creatively in After Effects and see how adding just the right touch of Drag & Drop magic can help you enhance your next production.

  • Release Date: December 4, 2013
  • Video Type: Screen Capture Training
  • Category: Motion Graphics
  • Software Used: Adobe After Effects
  • Skill Level: Advanced

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