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Intro Video Introducing a brand new library of animated elements -- see it and use it!
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Overview The Motion Designer’s Toolkit library expands -- new original content with a techno vibe.

Building on the unparalleled level of customization seen in Motion Designer's Toolkits 1 and 2 (MDT1 & MDT2), Digital Juice introduces another revolutionary collection of high-end, ready-to-use animations which take customization to a whole new level. MOTION DESIGNER'S TOOLKIT 3 (MDT3) contains all new original content designed in a cutting-edge high-tech theme.

Motion Designer's Toolkit 3 gives you 1396 pre-rendered animated elements PLUS even more of the stuff you need to customize the look and feel of each animation. While MDT1 provided matching source vector illustrations and After Effects projects on top of the pre-rendered content, MDT3 goes further by including those, as well as compound projects, In-Loop-Out animated sets, high-resolution textures and tileable animations.

The package provides 14 unique high-tech categories of motion design elements including waveforms, data flows, meters and grids as well as tech tiles, frames, blinkers and lines. In no time you'll be mixing and matching these animations
creating amazing high quality compositions that, perhaps, you never thought you were capable of.

But it's not just animations that you receive with Motion Designer's Toolkits, because with most animations you'll also find the original After Effects project files. With this capability, more advanced users can alter the individual elements of a given animation and make them their own!

Key Features Highly customizable but ready to use
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  • 14 Unique Categories:
  • You get a wide range of cutting-edge, future-tech style elements.
  • 1094 After Effects Projects:
  • Want to change or tweak the animations? No problem, most of the original project files are included so you can customize to your hearts content.
  • 256 Compound After Effects Projects:
  • Multilayer animation projects mean you can simplify, re-construct or customize the animation based on your project's specific needs.
  • 1396 Quicktime files:
  • Ready-to-use high resolution (2000x2000) pre-rendered animations.
  • 197 In->Loop->Out Animations:
  • Fluently introduce and retire animated elements in style with Juicer-customizable animations that match the seamless loop.
New Options Hot new features and options to expand your creative possibilities.
  • Entry Segment

  • Seamless Loop Segment

  • Exit Segment

  • Entry, Loop & Exit Segments Combined

    Entry, Loop (twice) & Exit Segments Combined

  • New Entry, Loop & Exit Segments
    We have now introduced Entry and Exit Animations to perfectly match the seamlessly loopable animation.

    With these you can fluently introduce and retire animated elements in style or even use them independently.

    This example shows the loop segment playing twice along with the Entry and Exit Animations. The Juicer allows you to easily customize these segments.

We have included animations which are seamlessly tileable. These work great with offset and tiling plug-ins in After Efffects like

  • Offset
  • Motion Tile
  • CC Repetile
  • CC Tiler
  • & Many More

  • Layer 01

  • Layer 02

  • Layer 03

  • Layer 04

  • Layer 05

  • Layer 06

  • Compound Animation (All of the Above Layers combined)
    Compound Animations are dramatic and complex in nature. Multiple layers are used to create the content.

    Every layer that forms the Compound is included as a separate animation so you can simplify, re-construct or customize the animation based on your project specific needs.

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86.53 Gigabytes
14 Categories
1396 Pre-rendered Animations
1094 After Effects Projects*
76 Illustrator Vector Files
40 High Resolution Textures
719 Tileable Animations
197 In->Loop->Out Animations
256 Compound Projects
1002 Looping Animations

* The original After Effects projects were provided wherever possible. Not all animations include a project as some were in 3D applications. Some projects do require the use of a third party plugin.

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