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Intro VideoIntroducing a brand new library of animated elements -- see it in use!
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Overview The Motion Designer's Toolkit library expands with new original artistic handpainted content

Taking off where Motion Designer's Toolkits 1, 2 and 3 left off, volumes 4 and 5 in the series (MDT4 & MDT5), explode the MDT line with two unprecedented packages of dynamic animated elements. Over 8 months in the making, these volumes of lively, richly colored organic animations involved a team of over 40 different artists from a wide variety of artistic fields -- pencil and tablet sketchers, vector design pros, and traditional fine artists -- as well as a dedicated crew of animators.

The painstakingly handpainted animations in these volumes include real watercolor, oil paint and ink effects which were scanned at super-high resolutions, expertly cut out and then animated in a way that allows the user maximum flexibility to use the elements as-is or customize to suit a specific job. Each volume contains 11 unique categories of artistic looks from Watercolor and Oil Paint to Dry Brush, Swirl Filigree and Thought Bubbles. There has never been a package like this. It blurs the line between fantasy and reality, bringing a real life, energetic, full color fine arts feel to any type of project.

Key Features Highly customizable but ready to use
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  • 9 Jam-Packed Discs
  • Filled with pre-rendered animations (simple, compound and in/loop/out segments), AE project files, vector graphics, background tiles and textures.
  • 11 Unique Categories:
  • You get a host of organic hand-painted fine art paint effects along with everything you need to support those effects in your productions.
  • Source After Effects Projects:
  • Want to change or tweak the animations? No problem, all of the original AE project files are included.
  • Illustrator vector images and high res PNG file extras:
  • Many animations first start as a beautiful high quality vector or high res raster image. We have provided you with as many of these original source files as possible so that you can translate your designs easily to print and web!
  • Quicktime files:
  • Ready-to-use high resolution (2000x2000) pre-rendered animations.
New Options Hot new features and options to expand your creative possibilities.
  • Entry Segment

  • Exit Segment

  • New Entry & Exit Segments
    We have now introduced Entry and Exit Animations that seamlessly join each other.

    With these you can fluently introduce and retire animated elements in style or even use them independently.

    The Juicer allows you to easily customize these segments.

We have included animations which are seamlessly tileable. These work great with offset and tiling plug-ins in After Efffects like

  • Offset
  • Motion Tile
  • CC Repetile
  • CC Tiler
  • & Many More

  • Layer 01

  • Layer 02

  • Layer 03

  • Layer 04

  • Layer 05

  • Layer 06

  • Compound Animation (All of the Above Layers combined)
    Compound Animations are dramatic and complex in nature. Multiple layers are used to create the content.

    Every layer that forms the Compound is included as a separate animation so you can simplify, re-construct or customize the animation based on your project specific needs.

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9 DVDs
68.11 Gigabytes
11 Categories
584 Pre-rendered Animations
617 After Effects Projects*
30 Illustrator Vector Files
149 High Resolution Textures and Extras
46 Tileable Animations
34 Entry->Loop->Exit Animations
26 Entry->Exit Animations
20 Compound Projects
46 Looping Animations
197 Matte Files

* The original After Effects projects were provided wherever possible. Not all animations include a project as some were in 3D applications. Some projects do require the use of a third party plugin.

Who needs Motion Designer's Toolkit?

Whether you're a video editor, motion designer, or animator you'll find the Motion Designer's Toolkits an invaluable addition to your creative arsenal. Each volume gives you thousands of animated elements that can be combined in limitless ways to create your own new unique animations.

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XP Professional SP2/Vista/Windows 7, Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP Min of 1 GB system memory

OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors Min of 1 GB system memory

Motion Designer's Toolkit

"Digital Juice has done something very different with the MDTK. They have provided not only the "animated" stock element that you can take off the disc using their "Juicer" application, but they have also provided (in many cases) an After Effects project, that shows you how it was created, and let's you alter it to make it something different... These elements are top of the line from the elements themselves to the packaging they come in." Read More

--Kevin P McAuliffe, ProVideo

Animation files are provided as pre-rendered high resolution Quicktime movies. If you need a different format, you can use our free Juicer software to convert to PAL, NTSC & DV and output to AVI, Quicktime, image sequences & native NLE codecs, making the files compatible with most non-linear editing applications and compositing software.

Adobe After Effects is required only if you want to use the provided AE projects to manipulate the MDT 3 animations.

Graphics and compositing software which accepts import of the .AI format (such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop) is required only for use of the provided static vector images.