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    Overview Use DJ Fonts as-is, pick from hundreds of presets or customize to make them your own

    At Digital Juice, we like to pride ourselves on offering our customers something new and different with every product release and DIGITAL JUICE FONTS, Collection Eight is no exception. More than just another volume of fonts, over half of this collection is made up of hand-assembled, highly unique photographic typefaces. These fonts act much like any of our previous font families in the Juicer, with the exception that they are based on high resolution photography, not illustration or 3D rendered art.

    Overall, Collection Eight contains 13 unique DJ Font Families -- 8 photographic and 5 illustrated, over 500 ready-to-use DJ Standard Fonts, and an unlimited stream of future font customizations through our My DJ Font features.

    Get Inspired See the fonts in DJ Fonts Collection 8 at work in web, print and video productions

    Check out DJ Fonts Collection 8 in use and see just how easy it is to add a creative touch to your latest job by enhancing the title with a Digital Juice Font. Learn how unique your identity can look if you build your logo from custom DJ Fonts characters in a unique and eye-catching way.

    Digital Juice Fonts Collection 8 contains 8 new fonts that started out as super high resolution photographs. Each letter in the character set was hand-assembled, shot and then painstakingly cut out to form these fonts. Because they are photographic in origin they have an unsurpassed level of realism you just won't find anywhere else. And, just like the illustrated fonts in the volume, they can be customized, arranged and rendered from the Juicer. You also get the system font they were based on, just as you do with our other DJ Fonts.

    Just select your DJ Font and start typing. If you can press keys on a keyboard, then you can make great looking graphical text with DJ Fonts. It truly is that easy. Just enter text into the Juicer's text editor and then modify the artistic attributes associated with the font. You'll be surprised how quickly you can create professional-looking results.

    Layers and layer effects make it easy to customize and create new DJ Fonts. The ease and creative freedom in customizing your text is unlike any Font or Graphic Design application on the market today! Plus, with just a click of a button you can select and apply any of the included DJ Font variations for a completely different look in seconds.

    HD 1920 x 1080 screen (above) and SD 720 x 576 screen (right) placed on top of a typical DJ Font character at it's original size (Below) A typical DJ Font character, at its original size, placed on a 300 DPI 8" x 11" print layout
    Perfect for any use including designing for billboards, magazine ads, web, or video.

    At full resolution, DJ Fonts are 2048 pixels across per character. Less resource-intensive sizes are also included, making DJ Fonts perfect for any use including designing for billboards, magazine ads, web, or video.
    DJ Fonts are compatible with any video, animation, web, print and presentation application. Through our free Juicer application, all industry-standard file formats are supported. Want to use it in Photoshop? No problem. The Juicer will export your text easily and instantly to any graphics application with layers intact!
    13 Brand New Font Families
    More than 500 ready-to-use Standard DJ Fonts variations
    5 Illustrated & 8 All-New Photographic Fonts
    5-10 layers per illustrated font
    Each font glyph designed at a high resolution of approx.
    2000 x 2000 pixels for maximum flexibility in uses
    Most fonts contain a full
    152-character glyph set

    XP Professional SP2/Vista/Windows 7, Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP Min of 1 GB system memory

    OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors Min of 1 GB system memory

    Frequently Asked Questions)

    Are DJ Fonts hard to use?

    On the contrary. DJ Fonts are very easy to use. They are fully integrated into our new user friendly Juicer 3.5 interface. Whether you customize or use the Standard Fonts as is, a few simple clicks lets you output characters, words or phrases to whatever format you require from layered PSD to JPEG and beyond.

    Are DJ Fonts vector?

    No, DJ Fonts are designed as high resolution pixel-based graphics. Many of the effects and customization features would not otherwise be possible. Because of their high original resolution, they can be easily scaled down in the Juicer for use at any required size (including Billboards!) without loss of quality.

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    DJ Fonts User's Guide

    Step-by-Step Guide to DJ Fonts

    This manual helps you to install DJ Fonts & guides you to export its content from
    Juicer 3.67 on a step-by-step basis.
    DJ Font Manual    |    8.5MB

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    DJ Fonts Training

    Check out the DJ Fonts tutorial videos in our ever-growing DJTV Training section. We already have almost 50 videos for DJ Fonts and as we release new plugins and volumes and add new features to the Juicer, the list of helpful training will just keep growing.

    These short videos will take you from beginner to expert at using DJ Fonts in print and video production, as well as give you some useful design and technical tips along the way.


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