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Intro VideoYou wanted the look, now it can be yours with Ready2Go
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OverviewBridging the gap between content and the finished production

This is the product you've been waiting for. If you've ever watched a Digital Juice promo video and wished you had the same creative team working with you on your projects - Ready2Go is for you. Whether its a show open, a commercial, a wedding collage, a DVD open, or a cool transitional segment, you now have the perfect place to start. Each collection of Ready2Go is packed with variety so that you'll have a great starting point for nearly any production type.

Until now Digital Juice has provided either as-is stock content (animated backgrounds or sets, stock footage) or pieces and elements (Compositor's Toolkits, Motion Designer's Toolkits) meant to be composited together at the user's discretion. Now, for the first time, we are bridging the gap between content and finished product. Customizable motion design projects have always been the number one biggest request from our customers. These Ready2Go projects are customizable templates for Apple Motion that give you a finished look with your own text and video additions - and they are still even more customizable if you need them to be.

No matter what your level of skill in Apple Motion, Ready2Go scales with you. If you just want to replace video and text, no problem - drag, drop, and edit the text and you're done. Want to change some colors, textures or turn off a few elements for a cleaner look? You can do that too. Want to replace elements with your own elements, or add something from a Motion Designer's Toolkit and use it? All of this is possible as your skill in Apple Motion grows.

Key features Variety, customization, ongoing training & complete project access
  • Features
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  • Benefits
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  • Over 36 different projects and looks
  • The variety you need to handle any type of production that comes along.
  • Complete customization
  • Use the projects as is or take them apart and add your own look and feel. Whether you want to turn off a layer or increase the timing it's in your complete control.
  • Texture Toolkit friendly
  • Many of these templates were designed to allow you to easily switch out the textures for an instant new look. Use your own textures or pull new ones directly from the Texture Toolkit.
  • HD & SD projects
  • Whether you work with Full HD, 720P, PAL, or NTSC you don't have to worry because we've included project in most commonly used formats.
  • DJTV Training
  • Unlike projects from other sources, you'll get ongoing in-depth training with our DJTV tutorials showing you exactly how to use and customize these projects.
  • Complete access
  • Nothing is hidden or impossible to get at. You have complete access to the project just as the animator designed it. No matter what your skill level you can learn something new by analyzing how the projects are set up and customizing them.
  • No third party plugins required
  • To make sure you wouldn't have any compatibility issues, we only used effects and features that are already built into Apple Motion 4.0 and above.
By the Numbers
  • 36 Fully Customizable Apple Motion Projects.
  • 99 Ready to use Quicktime Animations.
  • 32 High Resolution Textures and Graphics.
  • Each project compiled in 6 formats.
    • 1920 x 1080 @ 29.97 fps
    • 1920 x 1080 @ 23.976 fps
    • 1280 x 720 @ 29.97 fps
    • 1280 x 720 @ 23.976 fps
    • 720x480 @ 29.97 fps
    • 720x576 @ 25 fps
  • Works with Apple Motion 4.0 & above.
  • Works with Apple Final Cut Pro 7.0 & above.
  • No 3rd Party Plug-ins required.
  • 1 DVD ROM ( 6.75 GB of data )
  • Requires Juicer version 3.81 or above.

Is there an After Effects version of this product available?

Yes. You can find it here.

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Software Requirements
  • Works with Apple Motion 4.0 & Apple Final Cut Pro 7.0 & above.
  • Latest Version of QuickTime.
  • No 3rd Party Plug-ins required.
System Requirements
  • Mac:
  • 1GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
  • Graphics processor with atleast 128MB of VRAM
  • Mac OS X v10.5.6 or later
  • QuickTime 7.6 or later
  • DVD drive for installation
Application Support

Requires Juicer 3.81
(a free download)

Use our free Juicer software to install, preview, and collect Apple Motion Projects in an easy and intuitive interface. Projects get installed locally to your hard-drive so you can open projects directly in Apple Motion from the Juicer or simply choose to reveal the projects in Apple Finder.

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