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OverviewAlmost 1000 design elements in 11 categories in vector & PNG formats

The Graphic Designer's Toolkit series was developed due to the popularity of our Motion Designer's Toolkit line. Many of our customers wanted access to the design elements used to create these motion design animations and projects without being required to purchase the full animation volumes. For a graphic designer working in any field from print to web or video, these design elements are a diamond mine of treasure and inspiration when setting out to design any type of cool original graphics. The elements are easily customized and composited together to create style and substance for any project.

Graphic Designer's Toolkit Volume 1 is based on the content from Motion Designer's Toolkit 1. With its close to 200 different styles of arrows and more than 200 unique paint splats it carries a treasure trove of stylized grunge elements that can be used boldly as an in-your-face explosion or as subtle accents to text and photography to give your design an urban modern edge. Other content categories include shiny gradient-shaded shields and ornate frames, ornamental abstract shapes, pen and ink sketched banners and splashes of textural grunge.

Key features Customizable design elements in file formats & resolutions to suit any design project
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  • All files are available in Adobe Illustrator (AI) vector format
  • Vector files can be scaled to any size or resolution so they will appear crisp and sharp no matter where you need to use them.
  • All files available for output from the Juicer as High, Medium or Low res PNG files with alpha channel transparency
  • No matter where you need to composite the elements in this package the alpha channel transparency of the PNG file will ensure you don't need to do any masking and with resolutions ranging from roughly 4000 x 4000 pixels for high resolution PNG, 2000 x 2000 pixels for medium resolution to 500 x 500 pixels for low resolution PNG, they are ready for any project, from web to HD video to billboard.
  • Ultimate customizability when you want it
  • Because the vector files are included in the Adobe Illustrator .ai format, you can load these files into any design software that supports the .ai format and customize or tweak the element as needed. Change colors, curves or shading to your heart's desire or combine multiple elements inside software such as Adobe Illustrator.
  • 11 unique categories
  • You get a wide variety of essential elements in a number of styles from arrows and shields to banners and grunge textures.
Categories Check out the variety of content in this Graphic Designer's Toolkit
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By the Numbers
  • 11 Unique categories
  • 956 Graphic design elements (169 Arrows, 21 Gradient Arrows, 108 Brush Strokes, 57 Destruction, 75 Flames, 50 Gradient Shields, 69 Hooladanders, 50 Ornate Frames, 203 Paint Splats, 55 Pen & Ink Banners, 99 Textural Grunge)
  • 956 AI vector files
  • 956 transparent PNG files with alpha channel