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"I think it's a great product on many levels. Musically, my favorite is Mercy Rains. For me, the value is in the royalty free video use. StackTraxx with vocals is an amazing product for building a background music set that has recurring themes and beat structures. And to be able to pull the vocals in and drop them out... and pick male or femaie... awesome." -- John Rallison, Thambos LLC

"Come On In (female voice) from Worship Stacks Contemporary was the soundbed for a video clip I made of walking through the woods with my daughter's family. When I posted it on Facebook, a friend posted the following response: 'that brought tears to my eyes....thank you for sharing--and please tell me who the artist is!'" -- Melanie Forester, via DJ Forums

"The Alternative category of Worship StackTraxx delivers a solid rock sound and both the male and female version of the songs are awesome. Worship Stacktraxx are great just for listening, but you can use these in so many ways. The main thing to remember is that even though the words are Christian, you can turn the vocals off and you can use these volumes without them and really provide some impact to many other projects." -- Marc Percy, via DJ Forums