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OverviewAll 10 original Worship StackTraxx volumes in one complete package!

The Worship StackTraxx Complete Series Volumes 1-10 package includes 10 DVDs -- one for each of the 10 original categories/volumes. Each of these DVDs contains the Worship StackTraxx layered audio files in Digital Juice's proprietary .STX file format for use with the free Juicer utility. Each song is provided with optional male and female vocal options and many also have optional background vocal layers as well. You can also use these powerfully crafted songs with no vocals at all. Each song is accompanied by a convenient PDF song book that lists its lyrics and tablature, accessible in the Juicer or directly from the disc.

GalleryCheck out the variety of songs in the Worship StackTraxx Complete Series

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Key featuresSee the power of customizable layered music
  • Layered Music When combined with the Juicer 3, StackTraxx provides you with the ultimate in production flexibility by letting you separate any of the cuts into their multi-track components. Each of the individual track layers can then be turned on or off. Create your own mixes right in the Juicer or you can output all of the layers individually to remix them later in your own audio and video editing environment.
  • Alternate TracksBuilding on the power and flexibility of the Digital Juice StackTraxx layered concept, each Worship StackTraxx™ song includes alternate vocal tracks. A brand new, unique, foolproof method of choosing vocal options. It's an easy way to quickly audition the right vocals for your project. Male or female, with or without the background vocal track. Audition your many options on the fly, then decide.
  • Click Track Worship StackTraxx takes an innovative step forward in the world of royalty-free music by offering a click track with every song. Use the click track to ensure perfect timing reference for use within a live performance setting; keeping your whole ensemble in sync. Are you short a few places in your four piece band? No problem. Activate the click track and you've instantly tripled the capability of your in-house band.
  • Printable Song Book Each Worship StackTraxx song is accompanied by a quick reference PDF song book available instantly from the Juicer. This song book includes lyrics and tablature in an easy-to-read and print Adobe Acrobat PDF file. Output one or many copies to your local or networked printer. Or include your selected song's lyrics in your weekly church program for all to sing along.
  • Broadcast Cuts IncludedWorship StackTraxx, like all other Digital Juice layered music, includes all of the industry standard broadcast cut lengths of :60, :30, :15 and :10. We've made it a snap to drop them directly into your bumper, announcement or commercial. Don't worry, there are no simple fades or chopped endings here. Each broadcast cut has been treated as a complete musical work. All were crafted by our team of musical engineers.
By the Numbers
  • 10 DVDs
  • 100 Original songs with male/female vocal options
  • 10 Original songs with additional children's vocal options
  • 310 Songs total
    (non-vocal version + male/female/childrens vocal versions)
  • 10 Original Unique Categories
  • Up to 10 Layers per song
  • 1:00, :30, :15 and :10 Broadcast Cuts
  • 1550 Items
    (100 songs + Versions + Cuts)
System Requirements
  • Windows:
  • XP Professional SP2 / Vista / Windows7
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
  • Mac:
  • OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
Application Support

Worship StackTraxx requires Juicer 3.67 | More Info

What will always set Digital Juice apart from every other media content provider is the free Juicer software. Through the Juicer, users are able to instantly identify the proper piece of content and try it on for size. And, in the case of Worship StackTraxx, users can benefit from the new Filter Mode search, preview songs and turn layers on and off, export a mixed stereo file or individual layers to .wav or .aif in a variety of sample rates and bit depths to fit your need.

Content is provided in the proprietary layered STX format.

Use our free Juicer software to

  • Browse, search, filter & preview
  • Export individual layers for remixing
  • Batch export Wav & AIFF files

Compatible with non-linear editing applications and compositing software.

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"I think it's a great product on many levels. Musically, my favorite is Mercy Rains. For me, the value is in the royalty free video use. StackTraxx with vocals is an amazing product for building a background music set that has recurring themes and beat structures. And to be able to pull the vocals in and drop them out... and pick male or femaie... awesome." -- John Rallison, Thambos LLC

"Come On In (female voice) from Worship Stacks Contemporary was the soundbed for a video clip I made of walking through the woods with my daughter's family. When I posted it on Facebook, a friend posted the following response: 'that brought tears to my eyes....thank you for sharing--and please tell me who the artist is!'" -- Melanie Forester, via DJ Forums

"The Alternative category of Worship StackTraxx delivers a solid rock sound and both the male and female version of the songs are awesome. Worship Stacktraxx are great just for listening, but you can use these in so many ways. The main thing to remember is that even though the words are Christian, you can turn the vocals off and you can use these volumes without them and really provide some impact to many other projects." -- Marc Percy, via DJ Forums