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Digital Juice Sound FX Library

Over 11,000 Sound FX
All the right sound effects, music elements and phrases for your HD productions
25+ Hours of Soound
A massive collection of fresh new sound effects
Superior HD Quality Audio
24-bit, 96 kHz Stereo in lossless WAV format
55GB of Content
One of the most massive sound effects libraries available
113 Categories
Many new, customer requested categories | Learn More
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New sounds, lighter, better than ever. Believe what you hear with SoundFX!

More than 11,500 HD quality sounds in 170 Categories!

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is the most comprehensive collection of audio effects ever collected together into a single package. Produced by renowned industry-veteran sound designers and distributed at 24-bit/96kHz resolutions, the artistic and technical quality is state of the art. The keyword searchable index makes the over 11,500 clips eminently usable, like no other media library anywhere else. Divided into more than 170 categories, the library goes beyond simple Foley effects and explosions with new categories that include musical logos and professional voice work.

The Digital Juice Sound FX Library is designed to give audio and video professionals the tools they need to enhance, exaggerate and create a completely immersive audio soundscape for any production.

Demo Video

This short demo video is a simple montage of some of the many sound elements in soundfx. The background music is from soundfx StackTraxx and some of the video clips are from our VideoTraxx Film & Video Library.

Includes more general and noise sound effects, more vocal phrases, more musical logos and textures, more sound designs to match our animated libraries, lots more of what you wanted -- including more keywords for better search capabilities.

What's Inside?
SoundFX I are divided into four broad classes:

  • The foundation of any sound effects library is general Foley effects. Did you know that Hollywood re-creates nearly every sound you hear in a movie in the studio during postproduction? From footsteps to ominous rumbles to breaking glass and crowd noises, it's all here. More than 18 hours altogether. Our General FX let you add realism to your videos, helping you make your productions more believable. The General FX class goes beyond simple Foley effects, as the following examples demonstrate.

  • With over 3,000 total clips, the professional voice work in our Human FX class includes hundreds of announcer phrases and other people-powered effects. Our Human FX will give you instant access to professional voiceovers for your productions, often eliminating the need to hire professional voice talent and log studio time.

  • The Noise Class contains synthesized electronic sounds as well as real-world sounds manipulated in cool and unique ways. These are particularly well suited for broadcast television applications. Noise class sounds are so common on television that you might not even notice them. Sports programs, entertainment show, the nightly news and almost every commercial you see uses these electronic noises to bring in name-plate graphics, to highlight text reveals and over high-tech transitions. We designed many of these effects to compliment the Digital Juice Editor's Toolkits visual effects, elements and transitions.

  • The Musical class of sound FX consists of individual musical elements, fully produced musical logos, transitions and textures useful as background soundscapes or for establishing your audio identity. Often, there are a number of different versions of the same piece, which lets you create matching intros, transitions and closers, all based on the same theme. The Musical class of effects as segues between segments or to and from commercial breaks, for example. These effects are not fully realized songs, which would have a beginning, middle and end, but are instead just short hooks and catchy melodies.