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Intro VideoA brand new library of elegant animated elements -- see it in use!
OverviewA sophisticated collection of pre-rendered ribbons & banners with customizable project files

Continuing the reboot of the Motion Design Elements product line, Digital Juice brings you Banners & Ribbons Motion Design Elements - an elegant and versatile collection of sophisticated animated ribbons and banners with a variety of textures and shapes. With this collection of more than 40 unique motion design elements you have everything you need to add an interesting, graceful look and feel to your videos. The intricate, flowing designs and smooth, gliding draw-on motion of these animations will help you bring a new level of subtle sophistication to your videos.

The diversity in this library stretches from materials like satin, chambray and lace, to denim and parchment Each material is also represented in a variety of widths and shapes to suit many different uses. These ready-to-use QuickTime files are perfect for any type of project from wedding videos and product promos to presentations and DVD menus - providing the perfect, subtle accent to enhance your video and make your text stand out. In addition to the pre-rendered animations, you also get the After Effects project files, so that you can customize the elements' shape and motion to make them your own.

Key features Elegant, graceful, customisable animated elements for After Effects.
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  • More than 40 Pre-rendered QuickTime files
  • A versatile collection of ribbons and banners for your project specific needs.
  • Works with all non-linear and motion graphics tools
  • These animations are completely pre-rendered in QuickTime format so that they work with any non-linear editing application or motion graphics application.
  • Includes native After Effects Projects
  • Give your projects a custom look with the matching AE projects. Take the elements apart and add your own look and feel. Whether you want to turn off a layer or increase the timing it's in your complete control.
  • Instant Downlaod
  • Get the animations you need immediately after purchase with our growing set of downloadable products!
  • High Resolution
  • These animations are designed at high resolution and are perfect for your full HD projects.
  • No third party plug-ins required
  • To make sure you don't have any compatibility issues on the AE projects, we only used effects and features that are already built into After Effects CS4 and above.
By the Numbers
  • More than 40 high resolution pre-rendered Quicktime files
  • Includes fully customizable native Adobe After Effects projects
  • Instant Download (1.17GB)
  • Compatible with all non-linear editing tools and composting softwares.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Requires Juicer version 3.88 or above

Do I have to know or use After Effects to use Motion Design Elements?

No. While for most animations we do include the After Effects (AE) projects it's entirely possible and even recommended to use the pre-rendered animations as-is with any editing or animation software. Of course, if you DO know and use After Effects, you'll have the extra ability to customize the look and motion of the original animations to your heart's content.

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Application Support

Requires Juicer 3.88
(a free download)

Use our free Juicer software to install, preview, and collect Sony Vegas Projects in an easy and intuitive interface. Projects get installed locally to your hard-drive so you can open projects directly in Sony Vegas from the Juicer or simply choose to reveal the projects in Windows explorer.

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