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Intro VideoLet's work out! Live-action fitness silhouettes from Digital Juice!
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OverviewGet a professional edge with crisp, clean live-action male fitness Silhouettes

Give your projects a work out with the latest addition to the Motion Designer's Silhouettes line -- Motion Designer's Silhouettes: Fitness Men. This exciting new downloadable library of crisp, clean live-action Motion Designer's Silhouettes brings you an array of male actors in various exercise positions, poses and activities -- ready to breathe life into your animations and tell a story with fluid motion and graphic boldness. These silhouette sequences will help you whip your projects into shape, adding energy and rhythm to your work and giving you the best of both worlds - the fluidity of real life and the sharp graphic symbolism of an animated silhouette -- all in a drag-and-drop element that even a novice motion designer will find easy to integrate into any project. Express a thought, evoke an emotion, or convey an idea without adding the complexity of an actor's features or clothing to detract from the simplicity of your message.

Captured live in the Digital Juice green screen studio, on a RED ONE at 3K resolution, these clips were shot under very controlled conditions, specifically for the purpose of making Silhouettes. Each clip was then meticulously hand-rotoscoped and keyed to achieve the highest quality possible results from the high-resolution source material.

Key features Fluid realistic motion with a graphic punch, high-resolution clips with crisp clean mattes
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  • 30 ready-to-use pre-masked Quicktime Silhouettes clips
  • You get a variety of action clips, all with the ease of a drag-and-drop motion design element.
  • Shot on a green screen using a variety of actors and props under controlled conditions
  • You get the fluidity of live action and realistic human motion without the complexity of color or specific facial expressions or clothing styles.
  • Footage captured at high resolution using a RED ONE camera
  • You get the highest possible quality in professional silhouettes with sharp definition and fluid motion.
  • Meticulously hand-rotoscoped and carefully keyed silhouettes
  • High resolution elements with crisp, clean mattes give you a professional edge for even the simplest of projects.
  • Three resolutions provided for each clip: Low, Medium and High
  • You get even more drag-and-drop simplicity for any type project, whether for an HD commercial or a splash screen ad for the web. We've done the work for you in scaling these clips down, ensuring along the way that the edges and details in each clip stay clean and crisp.
By the Numbers
  • Instant Download (2.13 GB)
  • 30 Ready-to-Use QuickTime Clips
  • Includes 3 Resolutions
    • Up to 3000 pixels
    • Up to 1500 pixels
    • Up to 500 pixels
  • Clean & Crisp Mattes
  • Compatible with all non-linear editing tools
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Visual Index PDF available below

Can I slow down the speed of the clips?

Yes, you can. We shot each clip at 60 frames per second, which allows you to slow down the speed of the footage to as much as half the initial speed without losing out on quality.

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