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Intro VideoGear up with Animated Wipes & Transitions Collection 2: Switching Gears!
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OverviewA variety of premium network-quality animated wipes with coordinated sound effects

On the heels of the success of this product line's launch volume, we bring you an all-new second collection of sophisticated animated wipes and transitions. Get your productions geared up and raring to go with Animated Wipes & Transitions Collection 2: Switching Gears. Perfect for situations where you need a little more than a simple cut or dissolve in a video production and ideal for spicing up your scene transitions and adding that sought after "WOW" factor for your clients. These wipes are designed to draw a viewer's attention to your edit points, and then skilfully shift their focus to a different idea. Smooth, stylish transitions are made possible when you use the cool custom wipes in this collection to combine flash with class!

Each animated wipe comes with matching sound effects, making it easy to add energy to your logos and IDs through both sight and sound. These wipes make it simple to create smooth dynamic transitions between graphic slates and segments, and provide an ideal way to cover jump cuts in interviews and testimonials - or to flag changes in location, topic or subject. These 101 network quality wipes can be used in anything from show opens and promo videos to network logo spots and corporate presentations - giving them an energetic kick and adding unique style to your productions.

Key features Ready to use, with matching SFX, available as an instant download and on DVD!
  • Features
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  • Benefits
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  • Ready-to-use Quicktime files in HD & SD formats work with all non-linear editing tools
  • Drag-and-drop right into any video or animation software or use the free Juicer software to browse, manage and output files to any desired format and resolution.
  • More than 101 Animated Wipes and Transitions
  • The variety you need to handle any type of photo, video or motion design production that comes along
  • More than 38 Full screen wipes
  • Full screen wipes cover up the entire screen at the point where the transition takes place - great for highlighting a shift in the focus of your production
  • More than 63 Double Alpha Wipes
  • The double alpha wipes come in 2 pieces: an animated transitional matte and a coordinated animated overlay - creating a slick, transitional composite that doesn't require a full screen switch frame.
  • Matching Sound FX included
  • Each of these animations comes with matching sound effects that perfectly complement the wipe and bring energy to your transitions.
  • Available as an instant download and also on DVD
  • Get the templates you need immediately after purchase with this downloadable product line or get it on DVD so you have aready hard copy of the collection.

By the Numbers
  • 3 DVD (22.8 GB)
  • 101 Wipes & Transitions
  • 63 Double Alpha Wipes, 38 Full Screen Animated Wipes
  • 101 Matching Sound FX
  • 1 Sound Effect Per Wipe
  • 1.5 Seconds - Average Length
  • QuickTime® format
  • Works with Latest Juicer

What is different about this product compared to the full screen wipes in the Editor's Toolkit libraries?

There are a few major differences although the basic concept of how the wipes work is the same.

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