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Intro VideoMake them fall in love all over again when you use these romantic templates
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OverviewPremium customizable wedding template sets from the elite Toxic Type team

Set the perfect mood for all your wedding productions with the help of the elite Toxic animation team and Toxic Themes Collection 1: Wedding! With the launch of this first volume in a brand new product line for After Effects, Digital Juice offers you an exciting set of premium customizable theme-based animation projects and templates that are have been expertly crafted to suit a variety of wedding and romance themes, from wedding albums and DVD menus to event video montages, photo galleries and more. They are your secret weapon in designing a production that perfectly evokes that special day or event.

Created by the same expert team that designs our promotional videos and develops our Toxic Type and Toxic Templates collections, the brand new Toxic Themes product line offers a themed twist on the customizable template genre. Each coordinated template set is unique in both style and flow, diverging from the more regulated single-dropzone-per-segment format of a ready2go template to provide a freeform framework of animated segments that can be mixed, matched, customized and extended to your heart's content. Much like our ready2go templates, if you want the exact look of a Toxic Theme animation, you can just add your own videos, photos and text in the placeholder areas of the template. But, as with ready2go, these projects are also supremely customizable when you need them to be. Change colors and backgrounds, turn off layers, mix segments, extend timing, add your own new elements or change the font used on the animated type - all depending on how you need to alter the look to suit your particular project.

Key features Premium, wedding-themed templates, easily customized with edit-friendly segments
  • Features
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  • Benefits
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  • More than 60 Adobe After Effects Projects
  • The variety you need to handle any type of wedding or romance themed photo, video or motion design production that comes along
  • Complete customization
  • Use the projects as is or take them apart and add your own look and feel. Whether you want to mix and match segments within a set, turn off layers, change fonts, adjust colors, add segments or increase the timing of existing segments, it's in your complete control.
  • HD & SD projects
  • Whether you work with full HD or SD you don't have to worry because we've included projects in both HD and SD formats.
  • Instant Download
  • Get the themed templates you need immediately after purchase with this downloadable product line!
  • Complete access to expertly designed projects
  • You have complete access to the projects just as our top animators have designed them. Nothing is hidden or impossible to get at. Learn something new and improve your skills by analyzing how these one-of-a-kind projects are set up before customizing them.
  • No third party plug-ins required
  • To make sure you wouldn't have any compatibility issues, we have only used effects and features that are already built into After Effects
By the Numbers

  • More than 60 Fully customizable Adobe After Effects projects
  • 16 co-ordinated template sets
  • Instant Download (only 5.4 GB)
  • All fonts included
  • HD and SD versions included
  • Works with Adobe After Effects CS 4.0 & above
  • No 3rd Party plug-ins required
  • Requires Juicer version 3.89b or above
  • Compatible with both Mac and PC

Are render times long when working with Toxic Themes templates?

Render times will depend on your system but we've done our best to optimize to the greatest extent possible, while still giving you complete access to every aspect of the project. So, while it may take a little longer to render these than what you are used to with pre-rendered Digital Juice content, the fact that you can customize with your own text, colors and other options will more than make up for that wait.

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