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Please Note: All four collections of Animated Shoulder Sets for After Effects are on this page.
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OverviewEasy-to-use, professional, virtual animated sets for polished results

You may have heard of "over-the-shoulder" graphics - used prominently and frequently in news telecasts. You have most likely also heard of "virtual sets" - animated scenes that allow you to immerse and surround your green-screen captured talent in a completely virtual environment. Digital Juice is now introducing the perfect marriage of these two concepts, combining their functionality into a new animated format called "shoulder sets".

Digital Juice Animated Shoulder Sets are professional, easy-to-use, virtual environments that allow you to create stunning results effortlessly. These animations are specially crafted to display a video screen area and a presenter in a stylish, exciting way. We've thought through the creative process and provided everything you might need so that your workflow is streamlined. Each Animated Shoulder Set is designed with multiple matching pieces, including animated background, animated video frame, revealer and wipe animations - allowing you to transition seamlessly between multiple video/photo segments indefinitely.

Key FeaturesLearn how to work with the Animated Shoulder Sets templates
Key FeaturesA wide range of professional, easy-to-use, virtual environments
  • Features
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  • Benefits
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  • Each collection has 10 unique template sets for After Effects
  • The variety you need to handle any type of production that comes along
  • Works directly in After Effects
  • No special software to buy, everything is already set up for you to use directly in After Effects. You just have to load the project and add your video clips.
  • Seamlessly Loopable
  • No matter how long your shot, the sets can go as long as you need.
  • Matching Animated Set Pieces
  • By combining the matching Animated Background, Revealer, Screen and Wipe you can get incredible, highly polished results
  • No third party plugins required
  • To make sure you wouldn't have any compatibility issues, we have only used effects and features that are already built into After Effects CS4 and above
  • Instant Download
  • Get the templates you need immediately after purchase with this downloadable product line!

How do I remove the background after I shoot the video of my talent?

You'll need to make sure while shooting your talent that they are in front of green screen. This can be any type of green screen but we recommend the Digital Juice Chroma Pop or Chroma Pop Studio for best results. You can then bring the footage into your video editor and use the built-in "keyer" functions to remove the green background. We'll show you exactly how to do this in our "Getting Started with Animated Shoulder Sets" video tutorials (currently available for After Effects and Premiere and coming in the next few days for Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro).

How long are these sets?

Each set is designed to seamlessly loop for as long as you need. You can also seamlessly chain together an infinite number of segments for a production that is as long as you need it to be.

  • After Effects CS4 & above.
  • Latest Version of QuickTime.
  • No 3rd Party Plug-ins required.
  • Windows:
  • XP Professional SP2 / Vista / Windows7
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
  • Mac:
  • OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
  • Min of 1 GB system memory

Requires Juicer 3.89d
(a free download)

Use our free Juicer software to install, preview, and collect Sony Vegas Projects in an easy and intuitive interface. Projects get installed locally to your hard-drive so you can open projects directly in Sony Vegas from the Juicer or simply choose to reveal the projects in Windows explorer.

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