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Intro VideoPolish Any Production By Highlighting Text & Information With Style
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OverviewStylishly enhance text detail with Animated Lower Thirds Collection 2

After the incredible success of the first volume, we bring you a brand new collection of useful and easy-to-use templates in Animated Lower Thirds, Collection 2. You can continue to give all of your productions the perfect, professional style and sophistication they need without compromising or cutting text details. With the 30 animations in this collection you can draw just the right amount of attention to additional information in your videos without overpowering your main content.These animated lower thirds come with a range of fonts, designed to suit each look perfectly and to make it easier for you to add your own text content. Animated Lower Thirds Collection 2 is available separately for After Effects, Apple Motion, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro, so you can choose exactly the version you want to work with.

Lower Thirds are an exciting way for you to keep your productions on the cutting edge. They usually appear on the lower third of a video frame with descriptive details explaining or naming the action on screen. Ideal for anything from show opens, promo videos and network logo spots to corporate presentations these hardworking animated lower third templates add network-level quality and style to any type of production. And, because this collection is downloadable, you can get the animated graphics you need immediately after purchase.

Key features Seamlessly looping lower thirds animations for any production
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  • 30 lower third animations
  • The variety you need to handle any type of photo, video or motion design production that comes along
  • Seamlessly loopable
  • Each animation is 5-10 secs long and can be looped seamlessly to infinity to fit any length production you may need to create
  • Instant Download
  • Get the lower third templates you need immediately after purchase with this downloadable product line!
  • Versions available for After Effects, Apple Motion, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro
  • You can use them in whichever application you are most comfortable with, to effortlessly enhance your productions.
Training VideoLearn how to work with Animated Lower Thirds in your software of choice
Getting Started with After EffectsGetting Started with Apple Motion and Final Cut ProGetting Started with Adobe Premiere ProGetting Started with Sony Vegas Pro

By the Numbers
  • 30 Fully Customizable Projects
  • Instant Download
  • All Fonts Included
  • Full HD 1920x1080
  • Seamlessly Loopable
  • Includes Entry and Exit Motions
  • No 3rd Party plug-ins required
  • Works with Latest Juicer

Are Animated Lower Thirds hard to use?

No! Animated Lower Thirds are easy to use even for beginners. Since they are available for After Effects, Apple Motion, Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro, you can choose whichever version suits your current working style. You can use them exactly as they are delivered, by simply dropping them onto your timeline and customizing your text in the corresponding placeholder areas.

What are some of the best ways to use Animated Lower Thirds?

There are so many obvious types of projects that can be easily enhanced with an Animated Lower Third! Once you start looking for them on TV, you'll see that the networks use them all the time. For example when you watch the news or a documentary-style video, lower thirds are used to identify a speaker by name and profession. Lower thirds can also be used in a presentation to highlight key points and to unify the look of a variety of different graphics and video clips that you might need to include to illustrate your points.

Application Support
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Application Support
  • Windows:
  • XP Professional SP2 / Vista / Windows7
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
  • Mac:
  • OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
Application Support
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