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Digital Juice Sound FX III Library

Over 10,500 Sound FX
All the right sound effects, music elements and phrases for your HD productions
25+ Hours of Soound
A massive collection of fresh new sound effects
Superior HD Quality Audio
24-bit, 96 kHz Stereo in lossless WAV format
10 DVDs
High quality media delivered in durable, compact packaging
55GB of Content
One of the most massive sound effects libraries available
134 Categories
Many new, customer requested categories | Learn More
Keyword Searchable
Free Juicer 3 Software | Learn More
Matching Sound FX
Perfectly matched Sound FX for select Editor's Toolkit Pro, Jump Backs HD, Motion Design Elements & Editor's Themekits volumes | Learn More
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Impact your audience and bring your video to life... with Sound FX 3!

More than 10,500 HD quality sounds in 134 Categories!

Audio is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool an editor has to grab viewers' attention, quicken their heartbeats, and excite their senses. SoundFX 3 gives you more than 10,000 unique new ways to impact your audiences and bring your videos to life. Designed specifically for editors, SFX3 has more of the sounds audio and video professionals need, at a quality that exceeds the demand. Each sound in the collection is delivered as an astounding 24-bit/96kHz file in a lossless WAV format. It just doesn't get any better than that.

Demo Video

This short demo video is a simple montage of some of the many sound elements in soundfx. The background music is from soundfx StackTraxx and some of the video clips are from our VideoTraxx Film & Video Library.

Includes more general and noise sound effects, more vocal phrases, more musical logos and textures, more sound designs to match our animated libraries, lots more of what you wanted -- including more keywords for better search capabilities.

What's Inside?
SoundFX II are divided into four broad classes:

  • The GeneralFX class has more than 2,500 original sound effects, including all new foley sounds, frightening new creature and horror effects, SceneFX where an entire environment is created for you. The library also has an amazing new weather category you've just got to hear. Our sound engineers/storm chasers got right in the path of some powerful and wicked storms to bring you these one-of-a-kind weather sounds that you won't find anywhere else!

  • The HumanFX class is packed with more than 2,000 tracks including more of our popular announcer phrases in both English and Spanish and a brand new category called Vocal Riffs. Use them to highlight an ID, emphasize a point or to give your logos a lift.

  • The NoiseFX class has nearly 4,000 new beeps, blurps, drones, evolvers, filters, flanges, hums, hits and more. It also includes a new multimedia category with a series of electronic sounds that will electrify your screen.

  • With more than 2,200 individual compositions, the MusicalFX class contains fresh new musical transitions, logos, and instrumental elements, many recorded from both close and medium perspectives, so you can create unique and realistic soundscapes. Also make sure you check out the all new collection of turntable scratches will add edge to your edits.

Searching, sorting and previewing the thousands of sounds in this massive library is simple with our free Juicer 3 software. The Juicer lets you search for sounds using keywords so you can instantly find the sounds you need, then export them into whatever format you want.

Whether you want to add weight to your logos or text effects, emphasize your edit points or design complete cinematic soundscapes, having the sounds you need is crucial. With the Digital Juice SoundFX 3 library, the perfect sound is just a click away!

So go ahead... grab your audience's attention and bring your videos to life... with SoundFX 3!

With SoundFX libraries you will have almost every sound you will need for your audience to believe in your productions. Best of all, it won't "crash" your bank!


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The Juicer Advantage

The Sound FX IV requires Juicer 3     |     More Info

As with all our products, searching, sorting and previewing the thousands of sounds in SoundFX is simple with our free Juicer 3 software. The Juicer lets you search for sounds using keywords so you can instantly find the sounds you need, then export them into whatever format you want.