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Digital Juice Sound FX IV Library

Over 11,000 Sound FX
All the right sound effects, music elements and phrases for your HD productions
25+ Hours of Soound
A massive collection of fresh new sound effects
Superior HD Quality Audio
24-bit, 96 kHz Stereo in lossless WAV format
55GB of Content
One of the most massive sound effects libraries available
113 Categories
Many new, customer requested categories | Learn More
Matching Sound FX
Perfectly matched Sound FX for select Editor's Toolkit Pro, Jump Backs HD, Motion Design Elements & Editor's Themekits volumes | Learn More
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New sounds, lighter, better than ever. Believe what you hear with SoundFX IV!

More than 11,000 HD quality sounds in 113 Categories!

They say seeing is believing, but that is not always true! Without sound, your video would not be the same. You need to grab the attention of your audience with a big 'bang', 'whoosh' or 'pop', add the ambiance and musical beds to make them believe what they are seeing. It's not only video, animation, and visual effects that sell your message. These have to be reinforced or sold with compelling sound. Seeing an explosion without hearing the blast, or watching a horror movie without hearing the fingernails screeching across the glass would give you only half the illusion and half the impact.

With SoundFX IV you will have the right (and left) sound effects, music elements and phrases for your HD productions. Designed around the needs of the video editor, SFX IV has more of the sounds audio and video professionals want, at a quality that exceeds the demand. Each sound in the collection is delivered as an astounding 24-bit/96kHz file in a lossless WAV format (HD Audio). If you thought sound effects couldn't get any better, you have to hear SoundFX IV.

What's New in SoundFX IV?

  • A lighter, musical, realistic, exciting, collection of sounds to fit our productions.
  • More phrases that fit our current productions in relation to the news and politics.
  • More keywords that help us to find easily what we are looking for.
  • SoundFX for the rest of our Digital Juice animations, like you did on SoundFX II and III

We came up with a plan, analyzed our budget and resources required. We then put our best sound engineers to the task and worked around the clock to try to satisfy every need we had heard.

After more than 2000+ man-hours working on this package, losing a few calories on the way (it does get hot inside the audio booths), we did it again, we completed SoundFX IV, thus answering your requests to have a library that fits your actual needs.

SoundFX IV
Includes more general and noise sounds effects, more vocal phrases, more musical logos and textures, more sound designes to match our animated libraries, lots more of what you wanted - including more keywords for better search capabilities.

What's Inside?
Like our previous SoundFX volumes, the thousands of elements in SoundFX IV are divided into four broad classes:

  • The GeneralFX class has more than 2,000 original realistic sound effects, including all new ambience and horror sounds, creatures, transportation, weather, technology and even underwater sounds.

  • The HumanFX class is packed with more than 4,900 tracks including politics, education, government, military and worship phrases in English with both male and female versions of each broadcast phrase.

  • The NoiseFX class completes this library with more than 3,350 ascends, beds, blasts, blurps, drones, hits, rumbles and more. Also included are new sound designs to perfectly match the animated elements in our Editor's Toolkit Pro, Editor's Themekit, Jump Backs HD and Motion Design Elements libraries!

  • The MusicalFX class includes 1,000+ new general musical sounds, textures and logos to add the missing elements to your productions. Done by the same composers that made StackTraxx and Worship StackTraxx, these will give you the transitional and music bed elements needed to grab your audience.


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The Juicer Advantage

The Sound FX IV requires Juicer 3.3 or above     |     More Info

As with all our products, searching, sorting and previewing the thousands of sounds in SoundFX IV is simple with our free Juicer 3 software. The Juicer lets you search for sounds using keywords so you can instantly find the sounds you need, then export them into whatever format you want.