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Intro VideoA brief introduction to the liveCONVERT plug-in and its many uses
OverviewGet the liveCONVERT plug-in and convert any DJ Font into an Apple LiveFont.

liveCONVERT is a plug-in for the Juicer that allows you to easily convert any DJ Font into an Apple LiveFont. Once in the LiveFont format your DJ Font can be animated in a myriad of ways using Apple LiveType and Motion with just a few clicks!

This is a must-have plug-in for anyone who uses Apple Final Cut Studio and DJ Fonts. It's never been easier to get new high quality, full-color fonts into LiveType. Just select your DJ Font in the Juicer and with a few clicks you'll quickly be on your way to using it directly in LiveType.

Final Cut Pro
Quick & Easy Work FlowJust select your DJ Font and a three step wizard will do all the work
Key featuresMove your DJ Fonts from print to video by animating them in Motion in LiveType format
  • Convert DJ Fonts to the LiveType FormatLiveFonts can be used directly in LiveType, FinalCut Pro, FinalCut Express & Motion.
  • Animate Your DJ Fonts Instantly animate your DJ Fonts with the myriad of options available in LiveType.
  • Supports All LiveFont Glyph Set Exports all Standard Glyphs supported by LiveType.
  • Easy-to-Use There's no learning curve with liveCONVERT. Just select your DJ Font and a three step wizard will do all the work!
  • Instant DownloadPainlessly download and install into the Juicer in minutes.
  • Time SaverDJ Font Plug-Ins allow you to save time by keeping more of your workflow in the Juicer with less time spent modifying and customizing in another application.
Get InspiredHow will you use DJ Fonts? Watch this video
Color Flip Flop
Digital Juice Fonts Juicer Plug-In
System Requirements
  • Windows:
  • XP Professional SP2/Vista
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
  • Mac:
  • OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
Application Support

Juicer 3This Color Flip Flop plugin requires Juicer 3.54 Build 102 or above along with atleast one volume of DJ Fonts installed.

User's Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to liveCONVERT

This manual helps you to install liveCONVERT & guides you to export DJ Fonts to LiveType content from Juicer 3 on a step-by-step basis.

Download Manual  |  7.28 MB


"I just bought Live Convert over the weekend and I LOOOVVVEEE IT. I am glade the extremely smart folks at DJ have a creative mind for us video dummies. Best plug-in, ever. Always 5 Stars, Always. " -- Ron Whitting, A.F. Productions & Duplication

"What a great workflow. Just when I was agonising over how long it would take to animate the fine looking DJ Fonts in my new project this plug-in comes along. This is great productivity lifting innovation! An instant purchase for me. Congrats on this - keep the innovations coming! " -- Garth Annetts, The Synchron Project


Want even more training on liveCONVERT and LiveType? Watch this video: