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Intro VideoA brief introduction to the Over Under plug-in and its uses
OverviewCustomize how your text characters overlap without leaving the Juicer!

The Digital Juice Fonts Over Under Plug-In is designed to extend the capabilities of our free Juicer software by allowing you to customize how letters overlap one another in words and phrases created using DJ Fonts in the Juicer. The default overlap for DJ Fonts without the Over Under plug-in places each successive letter on top of the previous. However, with Over Under, you can now set the position of each letter individually, have the letters overlap in several preset patterns - ascending, descending, alternating - or choose to randomize the effect for a more jumbled look.

Get InspiredSee Over Under in use and get your creative juices flowing
Quick & Easy Work FlowA step by step overview of working with Over Under in the Juicer
Key featuresEase of use, freedom from Photoshop and unique customization
  • Customise how letters overlap in your text layoutSet the position of each letter individually, have the letters overlap in several preset patterns or choose to randomize the effect for a more fun look.
  • Faster than PhotoshopNo need to separate characters in to different layers in Photoshop. Now you can directly alter the overlap of your text right in the Juicer and explore hundreds of different combinations instantly.
  • Easy-to-UseThere's no learning curve with Over Under. Just select your text and play with the easy to use Over Under settings!
  • Instant downloadPainlessly download and install into the Juicer in minutes.
  • Time saverDJ Font Plug-Ins allow you to save time by keeping more of your workflow in the Juicer with less time spent modifying and customizing in another application.
Workflow ComparisonFaster than Photoshop? YES! Watch this video
Over Under
Over Under
Digital Juice Fonts Juicer Plug-In
System Requirements
  • Windows:
  • XP Professional SP2/Vista
  • Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon XP
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
  • Mac:
  • OS X 10.4+, OSX Leopard / G4 / G5 / Mac Intel Processors
  • Min of 1 GB system memory
Application Support

Juicer 3This Over Under plugin requires Juicer 3.57 or above along with atleast one volume of DJ Fonts installed.

User's Guide

Step-by-Step Guide to Over Under

This manual helps you to install the Over Under Plug-In & teaches you how to customize the manner in which letters in your DJ Fonts text overlap.

Download Manual  |  5.38 MB


"Being able to move "whole" words back and forward at a click is on par with PS's Layers Grouping and is going to cut the workflow time from the Juicer even more. No need to make those seperate renders for PS. Can do it all in the Juicer!" -- Paul Boyle, via DJTV Comments

"So easy to learn and it really adds another dimension to your fonts! Clients love it!" -- Rick Smith, Cre8tiv Werks